J & S Car Care Center  Since 1960

5724 Clay Avenue, S.W., Door # 3  Wyoming, MI, 49548


                                           Over 45 Years Experience
                                                        Automobiles, Boats, Trucks,
                                                                    Motor Homes And Show Vehicles

                                               How Can My Detailing
                                                   Be Almost Free?

                                           Detailing Is One Of The Few
                                          Services To Be Performed On A 
                                                            Vehicle That Returns Immediately 
                                            With An Increase In Value.
                                                                For Most Vehicles, The Typical
                                                             Cost Of Professional Detailing Is
                                                                   Around $245.00-$310.00

                                           The Overall Increase In Value
                                                                      Averages $500 Or More.

                            General Price Structure
              Prices Fluctuate Based Upon The Individual 
                                 Needs Of Our Clients

                      * Hand Wash And Dry            $45 To $65

                             * Remove Tar And Brake Dust     $20 To $165

                             * Seal, Wax And Detail              $175 To $225

                             * Interior---Clean And Detail      $165 To $225

                             * Rub And Polish Scratches        Time And Materials

                             * Clean, Polish And Wax Rims    $20 To $160

                             * Shampoo, Rinse & Extract Floor Mats $15 To $40

                             * Remove Excessive Animal Hair $15 To $75

                             * Deodorizing                           $75 And Up

                             * Labor Rates --- Technician --- $65 Per Hour
                             * Boats And Motor Homes          $20 To $25 Per Foot

                                            Materials Charged At Cost
                                                                                                                                                                       * ACTUAL PRICES UPON INSPECTION

     Paintless Dent          Windshield Stone Chip
       Removal By                       Repair
 Appointment only                 Save $$ 
                                       On Replacement

        T-Seal Gloss Enhancement Process
                      Is Now Available 
                  Exclusively At J&S Car Care




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