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5724 Clay Avenue, S.W., Door # 3  Wyoming, MI, 49548

    JOE'STUFF Car Care Products.

 My Name Is Joe Cramer. I have Been Waxing And Detailing Cars Since November 1954.
  The First Car I Waxed Was A Brand New 1955 Chevolet Belair 2 Door Hardtop. Can You 
  Blame Me For Enjoying My Work?

   I Am A Perfectionist And Cannot Accept Inferior Products. During The Past Four Decades I Spent Saturday Afternoons Mixing My Own Waxes For The Following Week.  Thanks To Recent Technolgy I Am Able To Offer  JOE'STUFF Car Care Products To You In Limted Amounts.

  Do You Want Your Car To Look The Best That It Can? Do You Already Work Hard At Keeping It Shiny? Would You Like The Best Products Available? How About If You Found Out That The Best Shine Available Was Even Easier Than You Thought to Achieve? In My Opinion JOE'STUFF Products Are Easier To Use And Produce Better Results Than Other Products.

  If Your Car Has An Acceptable Finish And Had Reasonable Care You Will Love The Results When Using JOE'STUFF Products. If Your Car Has Been Neglected And The Finish Needs Rubbing Or Hard-Core Polishing, Then Forget Using My Products Until You've Had It Reconditioned By A Professional Detailer. If You Spend Good Money And Hours Of Your Time Polishing And Waxing An Inferior Finish You Are Still Left With An Inferior Finish. I'm Sure You Don't Want That And Neither Do I.

  JOE'STUFF Products Will Add A Car Show Finish To Your Car Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before And It Will Do It Easily. But You Have To Have A Decent Car In The First Place Or You Are Simply Wasting Your Time And Money. If You Want To Do That Then Go Buy Some Cheap Stuff From Someone That Doesn't Care. I Care!

                        JOE'STUFF Product 


     " CARNUT HELPER "  If You Are A " Car Nut " And Need A Little Help Keeping 
     Your Car At 100% All Of The Time This Spray On Detailer Is Just For You.
     With Mild Cleaners And A Little Silicone  Wax It's Easy To Use And Gives A 
     Spectacular Shine. Just Spray Or Wipe And Then Wipe Dry. Zaap! It's Done.
     Works Great With Our Wax And Sealent. Many Collectors Are Using
     '' CARNUT HELPER " For Maintaining Their Vehicles. You Should Too.

     " FOAM PAD POLISH " An Extremely Mild Polish To Perk Up That Tired Paint 
     Look. Chemical And Mild Abrasive Cleaners Combine To Clean Either By Hand
     Or With An Orbital Buffer. This Product Replaces My Old Pulverized Cornstarch
     Cleaner. Creates A Perfect Bonding Surface For Wax Or Paint Sealent 
     Application And Removes Minor Scratches Or Air Pollution Marks.

     " PEARL PERFECT POLY PAINT SEALENT "  An Extremely Strong Paint 
     Protectant, For Use On All Painted Surfaces. Easy On Easy Off But Don't Let 
     That Fool You. This Sealent Gives You A Wonderful Shine Along With Great 
     Protection From The Elements And The Sun's Destructive Rays.
     This Is Formulated For Use On Well Taken Care Of Vehicles That Are Driven On
     A Regular Basis. We Use It Also As A Foundation Before We Apply " WOW "
     Wax On Show Cars. I'd Advise You To Do The Same.

     " VINYL AND RUBBER SILK " This Is A Thick And Rich Rubber And Vinyl 
     Dressing. It Should Be Applied By Hand With A Small Sponge Or Cloth Pad.
     It Is Too Thick For A Sprayer. Offering Protection And Good Looks For Rubber
     And Vinyl. You'll Love It And A Little Goes A Long Way.

     As I Have Said, These Products Were Not Intended For Use On Average Or 
     Below Average Cars. They Cannot Produce Anything Better Than What They 
     Are Applied To. They Are The Best Products Available For Use On Vehicles 
     That Are Well Taken Care Of. Otherwise we'd Have To Compromise On the 
     Quality. Then We'd Just Be Like A Lot Of Others And So Would Your Car. 




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